Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm really looking forward to...

This weekend. Next week. 'N so on. First time in a long time.

I try talking to girls and I keep thinking of world war 3.

Monday, August 25, 2008

BSA Oath

After seeing my brothers this weekend, I've gained perspective, and am compelled to review my progress on the Oath.

Being Patient: I've been forcing myself to sleep at least 7 hours if not longer. It's a huge psychic victory. My veins no longer pump sand, I can be done with my job and want to work at the studio for more than a couple hours. It's an immense relief.

Being Trustworthy: This one was easy once I realized I don't have to please any one of you assholes anymore.

Being Loyal: My family and those I love have undergone cataclysmic scares recently, actual life and death things. Things that put my grousing square. I'm loved by those people. I've been there for them.

Being Helpful: Nah, you gotta can that noise at least 'til the winter.

Being Virtuous: My music theory kick is in full swing. I've already dedicated the fall to the radio and musiciansmanship, two things I can handle. I'm working at the studio constantly, I'm writing new things with new people, I'm excited.

Being Mindful: I'm no longer conned that things will end in a pile of dippin dots and rainbows. Conversely, I've promised myself that this next season will not end in a pile of skulls and sus4 chords.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ecclesiastes 3

I realized today that the end of summer is soon approaching, which means there's not much time left to salvage it. I think this one may get marked down as Total Bummer Summer, or Summer-o-Hate Two Thousand Eight. That stinks because I forsee a fantastic rest of the year, but the rhymes don't come as easy for "Fall" or "Autumn". I learnt from Scott a technique for writers block that he learned at clown college, which is to make lists of 10:

Potential Names for an Awesome Q3 2008
1) Don't Make Me LOL Fall
2) Scrapin' Bottom Autumn
3) A-man-had-children-And-He-taught-em-Up-n-at-em-In-the-Autumn
4) When Life Turns Brown
5) The Cops G'autumn
This isn't worth another 5.

6) Best Believe I'm Rubbin B'autumn